Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews For Jeffon

“Jeffon is an emerging spiritual leader in our world.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and Best-Selling Author

” Jeffon Seely delivers personally-inspired messages when it comes to influencing the thinking and performance of organizations. His presentations cultivate the leaders of the future.”

Dr. William Guillory, Owner of Innovations International

“Jeffon Seely is a beautiful spirit and a wonderful human being. Light and wisdom shine brightly through his poetry, music, spoken word, and teaching. Rarely will you find such a powerful array of gifts wrapped in one dynamic package.”

Kit Cummings, Founder/Executive Director of Power of Peace Project

” Jeffon has earned our trust, won our hearts and continues to amaze us each time he visits with his life story of inspiration, his magical way with teens which is a delightful combination of relatability when he raps, compassion in the manner in which he conveys truth and a tangible passion with his inflection and substance of content. Jeffon shows us that with thought, choice, and action, adversity can turn into triumph and darkness into light.”

Michelle Hodgson, Founder/Executive Director of Children Helping Children

“Jeffon Seely is a brilliant, confident, passionate speaker who motivates audiences with his poetic delivery of inspirational messages that educate, encourage and empower the listener to take action and go within. He has a natural, refreshing approach that is energetic and connects him with the audience.  His descriptive words create visuals that open the listeners to the beauty of their own imagination.  Jeffon is an eloquent, entertaining and engaging orator who will color your experience with possibility.”

Greta Counts

Greta Counts is a Transformational Speaker, New Thought Practitioner, Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Coach

“There are times when humble individuals with a caliber of consciousness, depth, and vibrancy cross my path and I am left speechless with gratitude and renewed hope for our world at large. Such is my experience with Jeffon Seely. A young man, an old soul? It is hard to distinguish one from the other when Jeffon shares his gift of words. I can tell you it is a moment in time you will remember.He has earned the nickname “Little Gandhi” as this small framed wonder emits massive ripples of impartible good. I am proud to know him and to learn by his example.”

Rev. David Ault 
Rev. David Ault, Senior Minister of Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, Author & Spiritual Teacher

 “Jeffon exudes what he speaks. Authenticity, love, compassion, and integrity are the first four words that come to mind. He has volunteered with my organization and is always a huge asset. I am honored to have him around the children!”
Jennie Lobato
Jennie Lobato, Founder of Drawchange.org

“Rarely is one privileged to come into contact with an individual that is as caring, creative, impactful and truly authentic as Jeffon Seely.  Jeffon is a dynamic speaker that empowers audiences of all ages through his unique blend of humor, heartfelt stories, insightful observations that will have the audience’s attention long after the presentation ends and motivate them to start accepting themselves and understanding others!”

David Aurilio, Executive Director of the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

“I met Jeffon Seely last year and heard him speak. I was immediately blown away by his is beautiful energy and so moved by his vision. His words rang true to my soul. By sharing his knowledge and his awarenesses, I was empowered to remember my truth. For me, this is the sign of a true spiritual leader! I am blessed to know this man.”
Pam Brooks-Crump, Founder of WeCan.org

“Brother Jeffon is an extremely gifted Being. His Spirit reaches the depths of his Soul and goes beyond interpretation of the physical. He transcends to another realm of all that he is, an incarnation of the I AM, The Thing Itself … God in the flesh! What comes through him is a beacon of light that touches all ages in the Universe.”
– Rev. Al Shellman

“Jeffon – Gandhi with curls.”
– Susan Farren, Paramedic (Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee)

“Jeffon’s sincere goodness shines through! He is an inspiration to all he meets.”
– Lynn Ruebuse, Santa Rosa Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon is not a speaker, he is a channel of love spreading light.”
– Lida, Santa Rosa Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon helped me see how I am sabotaging myself in my efforts to make positive changes. He gave me tools to take home and make a permanent transformation for the better.”
– Santa Rosa Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon is a beautiful spirit, sharing his beauty with those he encounters.”
– Jennifer Clark, Nurse Practitioner (Santa Rosa Workshop Attendee)

“I’m leaving today with an understanding that I truly have the power to change my life with one simple thought.”
– Lisandra, Atlanta Workshop Attendee

Thank you Jeffon for the joy and hope you inspire. I am grateful for your spirit.”
– Karen Van Fossen, Minister (Bismarck Workshop Attendee)

“Jeffon is a very down to earth inspirational young man.”
– Atlanta Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon speaks with his heart and mindfulness, sharing experiences and tools to enable transformation within.”
Andrea Falcon, Bismarck Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon needs to be the spiritual advisor to the president.”
– Atlanta Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon Seely knows whats up! He is a bring light and inspiration to anyone seeking to expand themselves.”
– Mariela Andersen, ASL Interpreter (Workshop Attendee)

“I appreciate the opportunity to go out into the world and apply the very practical tools Jeffon has given/shared in my life to achieve my goals and become more of my true self.”
Alia Harper, Doula (Atlanta Workshop Attendee)

“Jeffon is love and respect in action proving to be very valuable in this time.”
– Atlanta Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon helped me remember the magnificence of who I am. I am grateful for his presence.”
– Mary Jane Labonte, Youth Director

“Hearing Jeffon speak was so powerful. I feel that his presentation and presence will be the catalyst to me reconnecting to the precious things I had lost touch with recently.”
– Atlanta Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon Seely is one of the most inspiring people I have met in ages.”
Foster Harding, Retired Engineer/Scientist (Castle Rock, CO Workshop Attendee)

“Jeffon’s workshop was not only inspiration, it was filled with an enormous and generous bag of tools for a better life!”
Marie Reynolds, Atlanta Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon was entertaining and informative, giving us great tools we can use to make great choices for our life.”
– Helen Halton, Writer (Workshop Attendee)

“Thank you Jeffon for showing up. Thank you for reminding me of who I am and why I am.”
– Atlanta Unlock Your Greatness Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon brings his own special energy to the world that leaves his audiences wanting more.”
– Shannon Just, Bismarck Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon, you are an amazing and dynamic young man. I feel so empowered after today! Thanks for sharing your light with us.”
Kristine Kautz, Nationwide Insurance (Castle Rock, CO Workshop Attendee)

“I look forward to seeing this unfold in my life. Thank you for the inspiration.”
Elicia Faul, Bismarck Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon’s straightforward, heartfelt communication and structure makes this so useful.”
– Denver Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon is a powerful motivational speaker who presented the ideas and information of the workshop in an illuminating and efficient way. Thank you!”
– Denver Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon is able to inspire, motivate and move people so effortlessly. So much to take in, I wish we had more.”
Sharon, Castle Rock, CO Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon is such an easy going spirit and has such a way to get a point across – very enjoyable and wonderful.”
– Castle Rock, CO Workshop Attendee

“Thank you for taking your time to help us and facilitate this workshop. I will keep my worksheets forever.”
Monica Krenz, Pepsi Co. (Fargo, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I recommend this meditation workshop with Jeffon for everyone. I took away many helpful tips and a sense of inner peace.”
Tina, Nurse (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I enjoyed every class! I learned more about blocking out the bad to make room for the good, how to calm myself in a stressful environment and how important it is to respect one another with compassion.”
Courtney Fergal, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“For you, for us, this workshop will bring you to a place of abundant knowing, understanding and a true self-revelation of how we are all connected.”
Tina Fuentes, Entrepreneur (Atlanta Workshop Attendee)

“This workshop really helped me draw an outline in my mind of how to accomplish my goals and be successful.”
Sicelia Arvin, Assistant Community Manager (Atlanta Workshop Attendee)

“Through the course of the class, I have gained such an internal calmness for all situations.”
Caitie, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“My greatest takeaway is realizing that I have inner peace within and it is not difficult to find. My inner peace is at the surface, always ready to be utilized and recognized. It is my armor to negativity.”
Jordyn, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon is a spiritually positive leader that guides his classes how to navigate thoughts and emotions. Highly recommend!”
Keri Warner, Driven 2 Push Boundaries (Bismarck Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I am so so happy I was able to do this class. I would love to do more.”
Kate Ternes, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“I enjoyed the class a lot! This was one of the best presentations on meditation practice that I have been to.”
Wendy, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon commands the attention of the room with peaceful power. He uses that attention to bring awareness to facilitate transformation.”
– Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“Thank you for helping to show me what I, and we all contain inside ourselves.”
Jana Miller, United Tribes Technical College (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I came a little weary – didn’t know what to expect. Every week I left calmer, more positive and excited for the week to come.”
Olivia Emmel, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“You have such a gift and it is wonderful that you’re willing to share it. This class has given me encouragement and courage to reach my goals as well as making it seem possible to live a life consisting of love, compassion, and peace which doesn’t always seem like an easy task in today’s world. Thank you!”
– Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon sprinkles his “magic” with kindness and compassion combined with humor to engage all who seek a better world, inside and out.”
 Marilee Toman, Florist (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I left feeling confident that I had learned ways to go into a meditation practice that would be beneficial. I really enjoyed both the content and presentation style.”
Kelli Wilson, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“This course was real, powerful and 100% worthwhile.”
Kalli Kourajian, Yoga Instructor (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“As a person who deals with depression/anxiety, this class was a great way to learn another tool in achieving wellness. Jeffon was a great instructor!”
Tracey, Basin Electric (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I am already seeing a ‘positive’ change in my daily life, mostly in mindfulness. Thank you so much!!!”
Jill Walcker, Yoga Instructor (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to bring gratitude, peace, mindfulness and focus into their life.”
Tanya Jo Smith, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“Jeffon creates an open and welcoming atmosphere during the workshop. He also provided great tips and tools to ensure a successful meditation practice.”
Laura Scott, Fargo, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“This workshop was amazing and very empowering.”
Parinaz, Fargo, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“I feel more empowered to take control of my inner thoughts and follow my passions which will lead to greater things and a more fulfilled and positive life.”
Vanessa Ellefson, Fargo, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee

“I have been pleased to find that I am able to meditate more and have been doing it without knowing it. I am very intrigued by mindfulness and how that can impact my life and others. Feeling content and positive. So happy to meet you Jeffon. Thanks!”
Kayla, Student (Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee)

“Jeffon provided me with the insight and tools to be more at peace in my heart and soul which will help my health.”
Georgia Bedwell, Bismarck, ND Meditation Workshop Attendee