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“Jeffon has earned our trust, won our hearts and continues to amaze us each time he visits with his life story of inspiration, his magical way with teens which is a delightful combination of relatability when he raps, compassion in the manner in which he conveys truth and a tangible passion with his inflection and substance of content.”
– Michelle Hodgson, Children Helping Children –

Motivating and Inspiring Students To Achieve Success

Common Topics Jeffon Shares At Schools Are:

  • Leadership Principles: Transforming From Ordinary To Extraordinary
  • Performance, Potential, & Productivity: Mindfulness In the Classroom
  • Race in America: Black, White, Red, Yellow and Every Shade In-Between
  • Academic Excellence: Empowering The Next Generation Of Leaders
  • Drug Prevention: Living Life On A Natural High Of Personal Achievement And Advancement
  • Bully Awareness: Building The Bridge Of Connection, Compassion And Unity

Download Jeffon’s School and Student Press Kit Here

If you are interested in having Jeffon speak at your school, feel free to send an email to Jeffon@ThreeKeyLife.com or call 206-374-0274. You can also fill out the contact form below and someone from our team will call you soon.

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