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Jeffon Seely is a senior consultant, transformational speaker, and workshop facilitator.

Mr. Seely is a highly recognized leading resource in the field of Diversity and Inclusion, Mindfulness and Leadership.

Although rather young, a Millennial, he has had his own consulting firm for more than 10 years, specializing in programs involving mindfulness and the evolving role of Millennials and the 2020 Generation.

He has assisted major corporations, non-profit organizations, and government and academic institutions with innovative strategies to integrate mindfulness and the evolving generations into management and leadership roles.

Mr. Seely has facilitated diversity, inclusion, empowerment, mindfulness, meditation, generations, and engagement training courses to all levels of organizations across several industries.

He also presents transformational speeches to audiences through keynotes, leadership seminars, retreats and open forums.

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Author & Blogger

Jeffon recently released a book entitled, Book of Essence: Poems of Inspiration, Stories of Empowerment and the Key That Unlocks the Greatest You.

He also shares inspirational writing through his blog, Three Key Life.

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Using all of these speaking platforms, writing books, maintaining a blog and conducting speeches and workshops with different organizations across America, Jeffon would love to work with yours.

Ps… His Niece and Nephew recommend everyone hear him speak at least once in their life.Family

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